Tree & Lawn Services

Tree Services

  • Tree Trimming / Tree Topping /Tree Thinning
  • Stump Grinding / Clean Up / Chipping / Waste Removal
  • Tree Falling / Hazardous Tree Removal 
  • View Clearing
  • Shrub Trimming & Shaping

Tree Trimming / Tree Topping /Tree Thinning

We have over thirty years of experience professionally trimming, & shaping trees in hard to reach locations, taking care to ensure the health of the trees.

Tree topping and or thinning is suitable for large trees where removal is undesired, but the size would be hazardous if not addressed.  Re-topping is required approximately every 10-20 years depending upon tree species.  

Stump Grinding / Clean Up / Chipping /Waste Removal

We provide services for stump grinding, clean up, chipping, & waste removal.  We can also exclude one or more of these services for clients that would like to handle this themselves.  

Additional services can be provided related to permit submittals, flagging, HOA projects, and government projects as requested / proposed.

Tree Falling / Hazardous Tree Removal

Whether it is one tree, or a grove of trees we can take care of all of your falling needs.  We specialize in hazardous tree removal.  We can remove the wood, or leave the wood for the owner if desired.  For a nominal fee we can cut the wood into approximate lengths, such as firewood length.  Typically branches are chipped, and optional clean services can be provided.

View Clearing

With our more than thirty years of experience we can make great recommendations for property owners in order to enhance property values, by improving owners view of mountains, streams, lakes and other water bodies.  Many times it is necessary to work with neighbors on these projects.  We are willing to support these conversations in order to help you reach the best agreement with your neighbors, which balances your view, with their privacy / shade.

Shrub Trimming & Shaping

We provide professional shrub trimming and shaping to standard orthogonal shapes.